Sunday, February 27, 2011


So, since Jacob and I are hall directors we always find ourselves with a little bit of free time. With some help from my friend Taylor we have decided to take on some crafts of our own. So here are some ideas, of course ours are going to be a little  bit different since the colors and stuff need to match our stuff, but we are really excited. We will keep you updated on our projects.


  1. I love that World map one. I may just steal that idea! Jason and I have a huge map of the World and we are trying to have like a world art wall. Either pictures from places we've been (which sadly aren't that many) or pictures/things people have brought us. Yay! I love crafts!

  2. DO IT! i think its so cute. It will probably go in Mason's room one day, if we ever get around to actually doing any of these crafts.