Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things to be Thankful for...

So everyone keeps making thankful posts. Here is my list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1. I am having a baby. =) yes I am ten weeks along now and cant wait!
2. I became an aunt last Thursday. He is absolutely precious and beautiful. His name is Eli. I love him more than anything.

3. Family- I have an amazing family. YES they drive me nuts, YES they get into my business, and YES i love them anyway. I am also blessed to have an amazing family-in-law. Most people complain about their in-laws, but I can truly tell you that I am blessed with ones that love me like I am their own daughter.

4. Friends- sort of my second family. I have friends that have stuck by me through everything. They are loyal and know when to come in and try to cheer me up. 

5. My husband- The love of my life. He takes care of me, knows how to cheer me up, knows how to make me laugh, and loves me for me!

6. My Cheer Squad- They are so great this year and have such good attitudes. I am very blessed to have become friends with these beautiful women.

7. My Job- I love working at Memorial Road Church of Christ. I love the people there and the atmosphere. It isn't stressful and my co-workers have become my friends/family.

Those are just a few things I am thankful for. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some of My Favorite Subjects

Today I had the privilege of shooting some of my favorite people again. Sean and Alyssa are just an adorable couple who love each other so very much. Cant wait to take some engagement pictures of them!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


A friend of mine, Taylor Ketchum, did posts once about people who are really important in her life. I think I will update with a couple of people who have influenced my life in many ways for the next few days leading up to Thanksgiving... Enjoy =).

Tabby Hasley
Has been my best friend for 7 and a half years
She will always be a huge part of my life
She has been with me through thick and thin
She has always loved me unconditionally
She has been honest with me when I didnt want her to be and has always had my back
I love her more than words can describe and would not be the person I am today without her
I hope when we are 70 we are the old ladies at the ball games with matching sweaters

Jacob Bailey
My amazing husband
January 1, 2011 will be our two year anniversary
It still feels like we just met and everyday my love for him grows stronger
He is handsome, loving, and smart
He puts up with all my crazy quirks and knows how to handle all my mood swings
He is the love of my life, my soul mate, my friend
He corrects me when I am doing something wrong, but never makes me feel stupid
He laughs at my jokes, hugs me when I cry, and listens to my problems
I dont know what I would do without him

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