Monday, October 3, 2011

My 30 before 30 list

30 before 30:

1.     Grow hair out to mid-back
2.     Go to New York
3.     Read the Bible all the way through
4.     Go to Africa on a mission trip to the Village of Hope.
5.     Get in the car with the hubby and baby and just drive somewhere.
6.     Run a 5k 
7.     Get a new car
8.     Learn how to ski.
9.     Somehow conquer my fear of heights……
10. Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting something in return
11. Take a cooking class
12. Have one more baby
13. Start looking more into adoption or fostering a baby
14. Get my last tattoo
15. Learn to drive a stick shift
16. Try to learn French again
17. Be debt free from student loans.
18. Buy our first home
19. Take a dance class
20. Get to my goal weight and stay there
21. Spend a day at the spa
22. Get a puppy!
23. Take a photography class
24. Take the top 100 films off of AFI, AMC, and IMDB and put together a list of 100 great movies I have never seen and watch them
25. Go on a cruise
26. Get better at sewing again
27. Build an awesome fort in our living room
28. Play a few games at the casino (just for fun)
29. Visit Vegas and watch a show or two
30. Find the perfect little black dress