Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Craft

My mom bought us this stool for Christmas. Jacob and I are always trying to find little projects to do here and there. So here is a before picture of the stool. Enjoy!
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

YAY!!!! Mason has a step stool!


So, since Jacob and I are hall directors we always find ourselves with a little bit of free time. With some help from my friend Taylor we have decided to take on some crafts of our own. So here are some ideas, of course ours are going to be a little  bit different since the colors and stuff need to match our stuff, but we are really excited. We will keep you updated on our projects.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Play a Game

So, a ton of people have been playing the get to know me game. Here you go. My top ten things that you should know about me. Enjoy:

1. My first time to fly in a plane was when I was 20 years old.
2. My favorite color is pink.
3. Mexican is my favorite food in the entire world.
4. I was a cheerleader from the ages of 5 to 22. Yeah that would be 17 years. And now I coach at OC.
5. I hate scary movies or any movies that end sadly, I'm more of a happy movie kind of girl.
6. I hate snow, ice, cold weather, etc.
7. I have a wonderful husband and we are expecting our first baby in June.
8. I'm lucky to say that I have had the same best friend since the 9th grade, so blessed.
9. I have the cutest nephew in the world.
10. I want to eventually work either in an adoption agency or as a children's minister when I "grow up."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days!

I'm not sure how many people know this about me, but.... I HATE SNOW. No lie. I dont like to be cold, I dont like my clothes getting wet and then being REALLY cold, and I just dont like it. Yet, here it is snowing and what I am so happy about? Covering with my blanket, eating junk food, watching tv and reading books, and being completely content with my laziness. =). And to make it even better my brother and Lyssa are coming to hang out with us for the rest of the day. It couldn't get much better than this (unless chase and dee brought the baby over which wont happen since it is snowing). This makes me remember how much fun I had during the snow last year. I think I'll leave you with some pictures of my fun I had during the last snow storm. Stay warm!!!!!!