Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My One and Only Rant

Ok, I promise this is my one and only rant that I will ever have on this blog. So here it goes:

This morning we were in class and we were talking about equality of men and women. One of the guys in my class decided to make the comment on how women should pay for dates. For whatever reason, this totally made me upset. Why, you may ask? Because where are all the gentlemen? I promise there use to be some. Where are the men that hold doors open for women, ESPECIALLY when they are carrying heavy boxes? Where are the men that actually have the nerve to go up to a women and ask them on a date? I dont know about you, but in my household you were taught to be a gentlemen. The man opens the door for any woman, they ask the girls out on dates instead of waiting for the girl to ask them, they pay for the dates, and so on. Now we have men who feel that the girl needs to ask them out, the girl needs to pay, the girl needs to plan everything.... that is so sad to me. Men and women are made differently, GIRLS want to be swooned, we want to be shown respect, we want you to show us you care for us. Boys (if they are real men) usually dont care too much about being swooned. Does this mean I dont do things for my husband? Of course not, but at the same time its a different type of swooning. The men in my life have always wanted to make the girl feel special, they have wanted to do all the things that make girls giddy, they have wanted to just be gentlemen; so I am just not understanding where it all went downhill.

SO as I am ranting, my husband (wanting to give the boys some edge as well) also made a very convincing argument. Girls are the ones that are killing this chivalry. He made some good points. Men that do hold doors open for girls either get rude comments or they dont even get a comment at all, a simple "thank you" would suffice. Also, some girls act almost appalled when the guy tries to buy their dinner... girls ok we freakin getting it.. you are independent, you can do things on your own, you can pay for your own dinner, that is NOT the point. The point is the guy is taking you out and wants to prove they can support you and they are trying to be gentlemen and you are slowly killing off all chivalry that is left in this world. (ok do not take me too far, if you and your bf have been dating for a while and you want to pay for a dinner by all means be my guest, but I am talking about people first dating). And it kills me when girls are this way, but then they rant about how guys aren't gentlemen anymore, well hello? Would you go out of your way to do stuff for a person who blows you off and act like you don't exist? I highly doubt it.

So the point I am trying to make is. Girls- if a guy is being a gentlemen, smile at them, say thank you, ENCOURAGE it! Boys- learn how to be men and be chivalrous. =)

That is all. Thank you for listening.

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  1. amen paigey!

    i love your ranting. and seeing you this morning made my day!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!