Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Mason Update!

Its been a while since I have written about this precious baby inside my belly, so here is a little update. I went to the doctor Wednesday and she told me that even though my due date is not until June 20th, we will be inducing on the 16th of June if he doesnt decide to come say hi to the world before then. This is all crazy/exciting/nauseating to me all at the same time! We cannot wait to meet him, BUT we would love to have our place of living figure out first. Here are some pictures of Mason's last ultrasound and some pictures of the belly!
Mason at 30 weeks!

He was 4 lbs, most babies are 3lbs at 30 weeks!

18 Week Bump.

20 Weeks Bump!
24 Week Bump!
25 Week Bump!
27 Week Bump!

30 Week Bump!

32 Week Bump!

Only about 7 weeks till we meet this bundle of joy!

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